Get associated: Make your conference easy

International and national conferences are conducted by colleges to provide a global platform for academic interaction at college campus. Institutes, Colleges and Universities face challenges and difficulties to organize a hassle free conference. The major reason for this is lack of infrastructure, funds for expenditure, resources, contacts with speakers, networking, publicity, review of research papers and publications.

international conference alerts

Colleges and universities can get associated with professional societies and associations like, IEEE, IETE, CSI and IFERP to organize the conference. IFERP-Institute for Engineering Research and Publication is an active professional association working under TECHNOARETE Research and Development Association (TRADA) which  has made international conference alerts successful at several engineering colleges like Sree Sairam College of Engineering, Bangalore, Vidya Vikash Institute of Technology, Mysuru and Anammacharya Institute of Technology and Sciences situated at Tirupati.There are several other colleges who have scheduled their conferences in association with IFERP. The organization consists of all requirement and infrastructures which are essential to execute the conferences starting from conference initiation to publication. IFERP being a self-funded autonomous organization beer all the expenditure of the conference which is conducted at the college. The organization has its resources and dedicated employees who will give their best for conference execution. IFERP members from academia, industries and top research institutes in association with faculties and staffs for the college will build us a rapid and strong network to execute the conference. The organization has speakers to give keynote address from all major universities and colleges across the world as well as industries and corporates whose all necessary arrangements for travel and accommodation are done by IFERP.IFERP also has a strong editorial board to make a peer review of research papers in its highly sighted journals. Organization has international journals from almost all disciplines of engineering and technology. To organize the conference IFERP has a event management team of volunteers and anchor for smooth execution of events.

Organizations like IEEE are funding and sponsoring engineering colleges to conduct international conference at their college .All the accepted papers are published at IEEE explore which is one of the largest digital libraries for engineers.

There are several other non-profitable organizations like IETE and CSI-Computer Society of India who conducts international conferences in association with colleges and Universities. Hence the best and easy way to execute a successful conference at college is to get associated with reputed non profitable professional associations.


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